Muziek van vrouwen

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    Amy Ray Stag
    Eliza Gilkyson Hard Times In Babylon
    Merrie Amsterburg Little Steps
    Shelby Lynne I am Shelby Lynne

    Texas The Greatest Hits
    Jill Sobule - Pink Pearl
    Nina Gordon - Tonight and the Rest of My Life
    Aimee Mann - Bachelor no. 2
    Tara Maclean - Passenger
    Sophie B. Hawkins - Timbre
    Catie Curtis - Crash Course In Roses
    Pattie Larkin - ŕ gogo : Live On Tour
    Melissa Ferrick - Freedom
    Indigo Girls - Come on now social
    Ani di Franco - Up up up up up up
    Heather Nova - Wonderlust
    Jane Wiedlin - Kissproof world
    Eric McKeown - Distillation
    Kelly Hogan & the Pine Valley Cosmonauts - Beneath the country underdog

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